2019 Renewal and New Membership now open

membership renewal annual duesMembership for renewal are needed in order for you to be considered in 2019 trainings and seminars intended for BRAP members only. It is also needed for you to vote in the upcoming election (2019 is election year). Much more, it is needed if you intend to consult with BRAP committees regarding issues with biosafety, biosecurity and biorisk management in your lab. Only the official 2019 BRAP membership application form will be acknowledged.


New members shall share the benefits of a regular member only upon completion of all necessary document requirements:

  1. Accomplished 2019 membership application form.
  2. Updated curriculum vitae.
  3. Scanned government-issued ID (preferably PRC ID).
  4. Scanned BDO deposit bank receipt for payment of membership fee/due of P300.00

founding membersFounding Members, as ratified in the 2018 Constitution referendum, have been designated as Lifetime Members, and are now exempted from annual dues.

However, they have to accomplish the application for membership form annually to keep their statuses updated (address, contact numbers, employment, appointments, marital status, etc.)


For inquiries and clarifications, email the Membership Committee at brapmembership@gmail.com.

December 11, 2018

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2 Responses to 2019 Renewal and New Membership now open

  1. Mae Mojica says:

    Dear Sir/Ma’am:
    Good afternoon. I would like to renew my membership for BRAP. May I know the account name and number for the cash deposit. Thank you.


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