1) For better compatibility, be sure that you are using the updated version of Chrome or Microsoft EDGE. To better experience the virtual hall, we suggest to use a laptop or desktop due to their larger screens. (You may also use your mobile device, but be advised that some of the content may be harder to read due to the limitation of the screen size of your mobile device )

2) Go to the following link to get into the convention login page.

3) Login using your registered BRAP Online Account. Only those who are registered to the 4th BRAP Annual Convention and 2nd International Forum will be able to access this page. Access to the convention hall will open on September 1, 6:00am

**Click on the “How to watch the Convention Broadcast” to get information on how to watch the live webinar broadcast using MS Teams or your browser.

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BRAP 4th Annual Convention: Meet our keynote speaker

Meet this year’s BRAP annual convention keynote speaker Maureen Ellis, Executive Director of the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA). Catch her address on September 2, 2021 during the opening ceremony.

Not yet registered to the convention? Sign-up a free BRAP online account at, activate it, and register to the convention by logging in to your BRAP online account and hit “register now” on the digital convention flier.

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BRAP 4th Annual Convention is virtual-ready

This year’s BRAP annual convention will be broadcasted virtually through Microsoft Azure Cloud and accessed through Microsoft teams, a reliable, secure, and multifunctional virtual platform used by many leading organizations around the world including Elon Musk’s OpenAI (artificial Intelligence) projects at Tesla. 15 CPD units are granted directly to Medical Technology participants after complying with attendance and post-evaluation while other professionals can earn CPD units via self-directed route. CPD units for other professionals may vary from 15 units for Medical Technology as respective CPD council per profession shall be determining CPD credits for their profession.

To register, you need to sign-up for a free BRAP online account at and activate it via a link provided to your email. Once activated, log in to your BRAP account and click “register” at the bottom of the convention flier. Payment instruction will be provided as you proceed with the registration.

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