BRAP’s 1st CPD for 2018

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Grant to attend the BRAP 2nd Annual Convention

BEP grant funding to the BRAP 2nd Annual Conv

Who should apply?

  • veterinarians, medical technologists or bio-science professionals working in Mindanao
  • individuals who are in key positions related to biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management at their home institution or government departments
  • individuals who have an abstract for poster presentation accepted at the conference
  • individuals who have not received previous grant support from BEP will have preference.

 Eligibility criteria

The above criteria reflect an effort to identify biorisk management and biosafety professionals who have the potential to take on future leadership roles within biosecurity and biosafety associations and/or other BEP partners in the country. These participants will have the opportunity to learn from and build professional networks with participants selected on the basis of demonstrated successful collaboration with BEP to promote biosecurity and biosafety in their respective institutions and regions.

Individuals who present a specific plan to apply the training and connections available at the conference to future biorisk management, biosafety, and biosecurity work at their institute, and possibly other institutions in their locality, are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to veterinary applicants.

What will the grant cover:

  • Conference course registration fees
  • Travel costs as allowed by US government regulations
  • Travel and logistical support will be provided

Application instructions:

  • To apply for travel grant support, please accomplish fully the application form, and then submit this form along with a copy of your updated curriculum vitae (CV) and any government-issued ID (preferably PRC) for verification to with the subject “#brapconv2grant”.
  • Selection for the travel support is a competitive selection process. BRAP reserves the right to withdraw grant offers to individuals who are unresponsive.
  • The DEADLINE for submitting this application is on March 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM (Philippine time). Definitely NO EXTENSION. Please email us with any questions related to this.
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FREE: Basic Biosafety On-demand Module

ABSA logo2
Basic Biosafety is an on-demand module designed to provide guidance on the basic principles and practices of biological safety for biosafety professionals, biosafety officers, and other professionals involved in workplace safety in laboratories and facilities throughout the world. The module contains 5 sections:

  • Defining the Biosafety Profession
  • Basic Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Control
  • Introduction to Chemical Decontamination
  • Biosafety Resources.

Basic Biosafety will provide basic direction to laboratorians on how to work more safely with biological hazards. This module will include available resources, additional training opportunities, and contacts relevant to the field of biosafety for those located in laboratories and facilities around the globe.


Access the module here.

The ABSA International Distance Learning Committee requests that viewers complete a short survey on completion of the module. A review of all comments made by survey respondents will be sent to the committee.


ABSA International’s Basic Biosafety Module Evaluation

Thank you to the following subject matter experts for their time and expertise in creating this module:
Anne-Sophie Brocard, PhD, RBP, CBSP
Dave Mulligan, DrPH, RBP
Rich Rebar, RBP, CBSP
Sarah Ziegler, PhD, RBP

The following committee members worked diligently to get this module together for the community:
Anne-Sophie Brocard, PhD, RBP, CBSP
Deborah Howard, MPH, CBSP
Kathleen Kennedy, MPH
Maryjo Lanzillotta, RBP, CBSP
Dave Mulligan DrPH, RBP
Dave Phillips, DM
Rich Rebar, RBP, CBSP

Narration of the module was completed by Lisa Burley, RBP and Tara Schnell, RBP both of the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

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ABSA Risk Group Database App

The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) International Risk Group Database app is available for Apple and Android devices. The app will allow users to access the ABSA Risk Group Database on their mobile devices when connected to the internet.

The ABSA Risk Group Database consists of international risk group classifications for Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Parasites. In many countries, including the United States, infectious agents are categorized in risk groups based on their relative risk. Depending on the country and/or organization, this classification system might take the following factors into consideration: pathogenicity of the organism; mode of transmission and host range; availability of effective preventive measures (e.g., vaccines); availability of effective treatment (e.g., antibiotics); and other factors.

iPhone and iPad Instructions:
You can download the Risk Group Database app in the Apple App Store by searching for “Risk Group Database app.”

Android Instructions:

You can download the Risk Group Database app in the Google Play Store by searching for “Risk Group Database.”

The app only works when your device is connected to the Internet.

Please send any comments or suggestions about the app to

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