Laboratory Biosafety Manual Writeshop in Bulacan

The Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, Inc. (PAMET) Bulacan Chapter in cooperation with the BioRisk Association of the Philippines, Inc. (2015) (BRAP) has recently concluded the Writeshop on Laboratory Biosafety Manual last August 4 in Malolos, and August 5, 2018 in Pulilan, Bulacan. Massive hat-tip to PAMET Bulacan Chapter officers for being thoughtful and considerate, conducting the same event in two different strategic locations to bring the workshop closer to their members.

Rumor has it that the Department of Health (DOH) has already started looking for the laboratory biosafety manuals in a few laboratory in the country, proven true by some Bulakeños. While the laboratory biosafety manual is not (yet) a

Dr. Miguel Martin N. Moreno

requirement from the DOH, “it is better to have one and not need it, rather than need one and not have it at all” as what Dr. Miguel Martin N. Moreno, BRAP Founding President and guest lecturer, would like to say.

An estimate of more than 80 participants for both locations attended the writeshop, others hailing from neighboring places like Manila, Pampanga, Tarlac and all the way from Batangas.

Dr. Moreno opened the writeshop with a lecture about plagiarism, in which he showed how not to commit plagiarism by following a technique that Dr. Moreno coined— the strategy of Quote, Paraphase or Summarize aka. “QPS”.

After this lecture about plagiarism, he delivered a review on basic biosafety, biosecurity and biorisk management, which should also be included in laboratory biosafety manual. Moreover, and on to the gist of the writeshop, he taught the would be authors of their laboratory biosafety manuals how to write policy, standards, guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) or work instructions. These last two lectures were the chunk of the laboratory manual, so Dr. Moreno made sure the participants understood by having group activities in between topics to help them familiarize themselves in writing

their own laboratory biosafety manual for their institution.

To make it more easier for them start writing their manuals, he gave a sample of a table of contents of a laboratory biosafety manual that can serve as their template and guide.

Last but not the least, Dr. Moreno taught the participants proper referencing using the APA and how important it is to properly cite references to avoid plagiarism.

BRAP would like to thank PAMET Bulacan Chapter, led by Prof. Edison Ramos, for partnering with BRAP to hold this writeshop. BRAP would also like to thank the PAMET Bulacan Chapter officers for helping encourage their members to join BRAP and become a member. This helped BRAP reach its 400th members to date! We are really grateful to all of you!

With Pulilan participants.

With Malolos participants.

Note: Photos courtesy of Dr. Miguel Martin N. Moreno and Mr. Edison Ramos.


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NOTICE to All BRAP Members!!!

member submit all appl requirements

Make sure you have submitted all your documents i.e. Members application form, Curriculum vitae, Annual dues Proof of payment, & your PRC or PAMET I.D., so you are eligible for BRAPs free CPD sessions, Grants, Training and other perks and freebies.

Email all these to

BRAP membership I.D. cards will be made available soon to updated members only.

You may inquire with the BRAP Secretariat your membership status.



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Hon. DOH Sec. Duque delivering his speech.

Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III, during the 2nd Annual Convention of the BioRisk Association of the Philippines, challenges all medical doctors, veterinary doctors, biorisk professionals, medical technologists, and other allied health professionals, to work together and accelerate preparations and explore other scenarios to prevent the occurrence and spread of diseases.


BRAP Founding President thanks DrDuque while Conv Overall Chair DrVelasco looks on.

Duque stressed the Filipino spirit of Bayanihan was very evident when the Philippines handled the threat of AH1N1 in 2009. Through this Bayanihan spirit, the country was recognized by the World Health Organization for its efforts for being one of the only three nations at that time with excellent risk communication strategies. He also reminded everybody that infectious diseases do not respect borders, not just land or sea borders but inter-species as well, hence the need for constant collaboration among key players in order to ensure that our health system continue to be responsive to meet the numerous challenges.


(L to R) JJolito, PRO; LVirtucio AsstAudit; RPuno Treas, JVelasco VPresi; Dr. Duque; MMoreno President; LFlorento Sec; PMedina AsstTreas. Not in Pic AAquino Asst. Sec and FMalbas Audit.



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