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Molecular assays to diagnose COVID-19

Many in-house and commercial assays that detect the COVID-19 virus have been developed or are currently under development. Many of these molecular assays are currently being validated in partner laboratories. An overview of assays that have applied to FIND for participation in their assay assessment work can be found here.

In-house developed molecular assays

At the beginning of the outbreak, WHO supported access to COVID-19 in-house PCR protocols assays by posting them online on the WHO website. Protocols that have been shared can be accessed here. Being listed in this document does not imply any endorsement or validation by WHO. These protocol postings online are not being updated and may not reflect subsequent refinements of the assays.

Lifted from WHO publications page

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UPDATED: Guidance for laboratories shipping specimens to WHO reference laboratories that provide confirmatory testing for COVID-19 virus (March 31, 2020 version)

WHO has established a shipment mechanism to expedite and cover the costs of the shipment of clinical samples from patients with suspected COVID-19 from the country of collection to one of the WHO reference laboratories providing confirmatory molecular testing for COVID-19. This document explains the process and documentation required for shipment of specimens.

 Access the document here. (updated 31 March 2020)

Lifted from the WHO publications page.

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Laboratory Assessment Tool for laboratories implementing COVID-19 testing

This Laboratory Assessment Tool (LAT) is specifically designed to assess capacities of existing laboratories which have implemented or aim to implement COVID-19 virus testing. It addresses both core capacities of a laboratory and specificities related to COVID-19 virus testing. It is a focused and shorter version from the existing complete laboratory assessment tool that can be found at

The target audience is any stakeholder performing laboratory assessments such as national health authorities, multilateral agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and laboratory managers. Assessors can use the tool, and customized if needed, to meet local requirements or assessment context. This tool is an Excel file, which enables automatic calculations of module indicators.

– Access the tool

– Access the user guide (English)

Lifted from WHO resources site

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