Biorisk Management Technical Training for the Veterinary Sector and Strengthening Safe and Secure Practices for Specimen Handling, Packaging and Transport

The BioRisk Association of the Philippines 2015, Inc. (BRAP2015), in coordination with the US Department of State Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP) and the Civilian Research Development Foundation (CRDF Global), will conduct one four-day virtual seminar and three two-day hands-on trainings advocating biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management within the veterinary sector in the Philippines on December 1–4, 2021. These engagements are build on a well-received workshop conducted for the veterinary sector last September 2018.

The first engagement will be a virtual theoretical advocacy seminar-workshop by BRAP that will bring together approximately 60+ participants in total from the Luzon, NCR, Visayas, and Mindanao regions. Participants include workers from animal disease diagnostic laboratories as well as military veterinarians, and it will address basic BRM for veterinarians, workers, and leadership in animal disease laboratories. Attendees should then be eligible to be competitively selected to attend the follow-on engagement. The follow-on engagement (scheduled for 2022) will be a 3-day hands-on technical training on handling, packaging, and transporting of valuable biological materials. Overall, these engagements will promote best practices in biocontainment and biosafety in veterinary laboratories to help protect humans from hazards posed by the handling and storage of especially dangerous infectious agents.

The project is fully funded by BEP and administered by CRDF Global.

Below are the successful applicants for the above-mentioned seminar-workshop. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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HSP Transport and Shipping Training of Trainors (ToT) 2022

The BioRisk Association of the Philippines 2015, Inc. (BRAP) in collaboration with Health Security Partners (HSP) will conduct a 4 half-day virtual training of trainors for the safe handling, packaging, and transport of valuable biological materials (VBMs). 

The course intends to make the participants be aware that the transfer of VBM is a safe and secure process following standards of the Department of Health and the International Air Transport Association.  

BRAP’s certified pool of trainors will teach participants the basics of handling, packaging, documentation and safe and secure VBM transport. The course will expect the participant to be able to train others on day 4 in a way that they will be comfortable with. One month after the last session day, the participants will do a step-down training on what training activity they have developed within the month after training. 

This course is based on the Department of Health’s Manual on Packaging and Transport of Laboratory Specimen for Referral, the WHO Guidance on Regulations for the Transport of Infectious Substances, and the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual 4th ed.

Target participants for this training are laboratory personnel or heads/chiefs, preferably managerial-level, of institutions handling molecular testing of infectious diseases in humans and animals. 20 participants will be selected from each site: North Luzon, NCR, South Luzon, and Visayas. Selection process is competitive subject to funder approval.

Participant requirement:

  1. Open to all BRAP members and non-members.
  2. Government ID with picture (preferably passport, driver’s license or PRC ID).
  3. Company ID or Letter of Employment from your Human Resources div. 
  4. Fully accomplished BRAP Summary Resume. Download here. Save a file before filling in the form.
  5. Laboratory profile (name, address, molecular diagnostic services offered, no. of personnel, photo of License to Operate). Do not send us a link.
  6. Lab flyer, company profile or webpage.
  7. Letter of conform to abide by training schedule and course deliverables.
  8. Submit all requirements in ONE (1) pdf file only. Filename: SURNAME_hspbrapTOT

Principal Investigator: Dr. Miguel Martin Moreno II
Proj. Lead: Dr. Leila Lany Florento
Coordinator: Mr. Larry Jay Langaman
Database Mgr: Mr. Ariel Angelo Aquino

Email requirement altogether at 

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