Termination & Re-admission

Termination of Membership

  1. Resignation: Any member wishing to resign from the Organization shall give written notice to the Membership Committee at least two (2) calendar months prior to the end of the financial year of the Organization.
  2. Suspension: The Membership Committee, upon the approval of the Board, may suspend the membership of an individual who has not paid his/her annual dues after the member has been reminded 60 days past his/her due date of payment. This member shall thus be designated “Regular member, Inactive status.”
  3. Expulsion: The Membership Committee, upon the approval of the President, reserves the right to terminate a membership should the member conduct himself/herself in a manner contravening the terms of the Constitution and By-laws and the overall objectives and image of the Organization. Following such a dismissal, the member is permitted to appeal within one (1) calendar week following written letter of termination of membership. The member’s membership will be suspended until such time that he/she meets with the Management Committee and plead his/her case. After which the Membership Committee shall vote and the member will either be expelled from the Organization or reinstated into the Organization. In the event an office bearer is bringing the Organization in disrepute, the President or Vice-President will appoint a committee with no less than three members of the Organization to investigate and make a recommendation. The person under investigation will NOT have any powers to vote during this period until the matter is solved following the appeals procedure.

 Re-admission to the Organization

  1. When applying for re-admission because of temporary suspension of membership privileges due to unpaid membership dues, that former member of the Organization shall not be eligible for re-admission until he/she has paid any arrear subscriptions or dues owing by him/her to the Organization, as at the date when his former membership ceased.
  2. Should a member be dishonorably expelled from the association, the member shall have no claims against the Organization, monetary or otherwise, and would not, under any circumstances, be permitted to re-join the Organization following the expulsion.


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