Advanced Biosafety Training Series

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An Online Certification Review Course
On-Demand Modules 
The Advanced Biosafety Training Series is an intermediate to advanced online offering, designed for those studying for the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists (NRCM)Specialist Microbiologist in Biological Safety exam, as well as those biological safety professionals who are interested in advanced training. Each module will cover the essential elements of information, at a level appropriate for someone preparing to take the NRCM Biological Safety Specialist exam.
These modules are presented in a self-paced/self-study format which involves PowerPoint lectures, a pre- and post-assessment as well as practice exam-style test questions and reference materials. Each module will take approximately two (2) to five (5) hours to complete, including the pre- and post-assessment and evaluation.
Information regarding the modules is available on the ABSA web site at
The titles of the modules include:
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification: Infectious Agents, rDNA & Occupational Health Issues
  • Regulatory Aspects Pertinent to Risk Assessment: NIH Guidelines, Select Agents & Animal Biosafety
  • Facility Design & Large Scale Biosafety Issues
  • Disinfection, Decontamination & Sterilization
  • Work Practices, Equipment Biohazards and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Equipment, Biological Safety Cabinets & Bioaerosols
  • Regulatory Aspects, Standards, Guidelines, Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs) & Emergency Response
A discount is offered when all seven (7) modules are purchased!
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