Attn: BMC Workshop Participants


Please download the following password-protected materials that you will need to read before coming to the 2-day National Biological Materials of Concern Writeshop on August 16 and 17, 2016, at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza at the CCP Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila.

There are total of 3 files: 2 PDF files that contain a compilation of select agent lists and regulations and 1 Excel spreadsheet that has pathogen summaries. All three documents have the same password; we will send the password in a separate email.

 Compilation of BMC Lists:

  • United States Select Agents and Toxins List
  • Australia Security Sensitive Biological Agents List
  • Canada Security Sensitive Biological Agents List
  • Singapore List of Biological Agents and Toxins
  • The Australia Group List of Human and Animal Pathogens
  • and Toxins for Export Control & List of Plant Pathogens for Export Control

 Compilation of Regulations:

  • Annual Report of the U.S. Federal Select Agent Program
  • Review of Australian Biological Agents of Security Concern Final Report
  • Security Sensitive Biological Agents Regulatory Scheme Guidelines

o   Guideline 1 – Entities and Facilities

o   Guideline 2 – Registered Facility Reporting Requirements

o   Guideline 3 – Handling a Person, Animal or Samples from a Person or Animal Affected by an SSBA

o   Guideline 4 – Defining Loss, Theft and Accidental Release of an SSBA

o   Guideline 5 –Reporting to Law Enforcement or the National Security Hotline

o   Guideline 6 – SSBA Toxins

o   Guideline 7 – SSBAS in the Natural Environment

o   Guideline 8 – Transporting SSBAs and Suspected SSBAs

o   Guideline 9 – Non-Registered Facility Reporting and Requirements

o   Guideline 10 – SSBA Regulatory Scheme Monitoring Inspections

o   Guideline 11 – SSBAS and Other Regulatory Schemes

BMC Summaries:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Toxins
  • Fungi

Download the materials here.
The password will be sent to you in the email you submitted to us. See you all on August 16, 2016.

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