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Practical Guide to TB Laboratory Strengthening29 March 2017 – (Source: IFBA email to Dr.Moreno) The Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) has released the GLI Practical Guide to TB Laboratory Strengthening, providing the latest practical guidance on implementation of WHO recommendations and international best practices for TB laboratory strengthening. This document is an updated version of the GLI Guide for Providing Technical Support to TB Laboratories published in 2015.

In addition to providing guidance on the use of newly WHO-recommended diagnostics in model algorithms, the GLI Practical Guide to TB Laboratory Strengthening also describes the most recent guidance in key technical areas, including quality assurance and quality management systems, specimen collection and registration, procurement and supply-chain management, biosafety, diagnostics connectivity, data management, human resources, strategic planning and other topics. Providers of technical assistance may also use the guide as a reference for available resources and tools, with easy access to hyperlinked source materials.

Thank you to IFBA for the link and information and to GLI (Global Laboratory Initiative) for the ebook. For more information, contact the GLI secretariat at or visit the GLI website. You may also contact them at Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) Secretariat Global TB Programme, World Health Organization, Geneva 1211, Switzerland.

Download the ebook here.

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  1. manilalopez says:

    thank you BRAP for all your efforts


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