1st BRAP Annual Preconvention Writeup

BioRisk Association of the Philippines, Inc.
1st BRAP Annual Convention
Preconvention Workshop
July 5, 2017
Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila, Ortigas Center, Quezon City

by Dr. Miguel Martin N. Moreno II

IATA Shipment of 6.2 Biologicals, Infectious Substances and Class 9, Dry Ice Dangerous Goods Training and Certification conducted by Dr. Cecelia Williams from Sandia National Laboratories, USA

The registration to the course opened in March 1, 2017. Originally, a total of 26 participants were allowed to be in the course; however, BRAP had more than that number of applicants, so we decided to pilot a class with double of that number since BRAP did not want to turn down enthusiastic applicants.

Hence, the course opened for 42 participants, representing almost all regions of the country. Dr. Williams did not want the class to be that large, but we all went through the pilot and began the session exactly at 9 AM.

The course introduced participants to shipping dangerous goods with focus on how to properly classify, package, mark, label, and complete the appropriate paperwork to ship infectious substances and other biological materials. Participants who successfully completed the course and passed the long final exam were thus certified according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations. Participants were also introduced to program management requirements and security issues associated with transporting and shipping infectious substances.

In terms of scope, the course provided awareness of international dangerous goods shipping regulations and other requirements as they relate to Class 6.2 (infectious substances) and Class 9 (Dry ice). Risk assessment principles was applied so participants can learn how to properly classify biological agents as category A or category B infectious substances, or those that are exempt from shipping regulations. Through hands-on practice, participants gained practical experience in packaging, marking, labelling, and documentation. Participants created their own performance review checklists and became knowledgeable in determining whether a package is properly prepared.

We thank Sandia National Laboratories for allowing Dr. Williams to be with us during our 1st BRAP Annual Preconvention Workshop. It was indeed “a fun and learning experience being under the guidance of Cecelia and knowledge she imparted became inherent in us permanently” as one participant said.


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