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join or renew now

Perks of being a full-fledged BRAP member:

  1. Be automatically enrolled in the BRAP Credentialing and Competency Program. (click here for details)
  2. Learn about the latest updates on Laboratory Biosafety, Biosecurity and Biorisk Management.
  3. First to see official scheduling of BRAP/BRAP–PAMET activities and events
  4. First to receive official announcements to upcoming BRAP/BRAP–PAMET activities.
  5. First to receive official invitations (upon request) to upcoming BRAP/BRAP–PAMET activities.
  6. Priority in getting official endorsements to foreign grants.
  7. Priority seating in BRAP free seminars, trainings and conferences.
  8. Priority registration in any BRAP/BRAP–PAMET activities.
  9. Big discounts on registration fees in any BRAP/BRAP–PAMET activities.
  10. May be voted to any BRAP officer’s line-up after successfully submitting approved credentials.



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