PAMET Olongapo Zambales–BRAP Lecture: Day 1—BBBRM

Laboratory work and risks are naturally bedfellows. This is what most laboratory workers know, but what they do not know is that they play a big part in this relationship and that every one is a carrier of initiative that may lead to bringing down the risks

that consequently leads to a safe and secure workplace.

The last paragraph sums up the day 1 of “Applied Biosafety and Biosecurity: Keeping Philippine Laboratories Safe and Secure” led by no other than the resource speaker Dr. Miguel Martin N. Moreno II at the 3rd Continuing Professional Development of PAMET Olangapo Zambales Chapter spearheaded by its president Ms. Cecille Vidal Torga on October 27, 2018, held at the Mansion Garden Hotel, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The chapter was very fortunate to have PRC Medical Technologist CPD Committee Chair Mme. Marilyn Atienza to come and observe the 2-day proceedings.

Dr. Moreno

The lecture was attended by more than 40 eager participants from primary and secondary hospital or standalone laboratories. The opening topic was laboratory-acquired infections (LAIs) in which everyone could relate to. Under LAIs, participants were also lectured on laboratory exposures and the advantages of reporting LAIs.

Right after the topic of LAIs, Dr. Moreno talked about biosafety. Under this topic, participants were taught on the four biosafety concepts, the different biosafety (containment) levels and the risk group classifications. Under biosecurity topic, which is now the trend nowadays, the five elements of biosecurity were discussed. An introduction to biorisk management was also offered as this was where the participants were shown how to lower the risks in their laboratories by assessing the risks, mitigation and monitoring the performance. With all these topics discussed, the participants learned that minimizing, if not at all eliminating, risks in the laboratory through the AMP model is a viable way


The first day of the workshop had numerous group works, brainstorming, discussion and sharing, which made the participants open up and learn more by listening to others’ experiences and new learnings. One highlight of the day 1 was the Family Feud, in which 10 participants were grouped into two: the Centennials and the Millennials. The questions came from the manuals provided and the discussions throughout the day. The Centennials indeed had the upper hand in terms of seniority and experience as they emerged to be the winners of the game. All who participated in the Family Feud received a bag of goodies care of the PAMET OZ Chapter. The 10 participants who partook in the game include:

Team Centennials:

  1. Editha V. Franceliso
  2. Editha R. Novicio
  3. Noel C. Manalansan
  4. Edwin L. Paras
  5. Donald Edbay

Team Millennials:

  1. Michael Dacela
  2. Richley Rojo
  3. Elyzzah Marie Grace (Honey) O. Duldulao
  4. Louise Ann Metierre
  5. Jillian Itchon

To cap off the night, the PAMET OZ Chapter Officers treated us together with Mme. Marilyn Atienza with a sumptuous dinner at Yakimix located at the Harbor Point, Subic Bay.

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