Positive Impacts of IFBA Professional Certification in Southeast Asia

timthumb-phpBelow is a letter dated January 29, 2020 from our partner Ms. Maureen Ellis, Executive Director of the International Federation of Biosafety Associations based in Ottawa, Canada regarding Positive Impacts of IFBA Professional Certification.

Dear Colleagues,
The IFBA recently collected feedback from our network of certified professionals in Southeast Asia to assess the program’s impact in the region. Many respondents said the IFBA’s certification program is recognized internationally as a high standard of competency in managing biological risks and was a pathway to enhanced responsibilities at their workplace. The survey also showed a number of ways in which certification has a positive impact on enhancing biosafety and biosecurity practices in the region.
Please click the link below to see what IFBA’s certified professionals are saying about the program and for a summary of the survey results of the program’s impact in the Southeast Asian region.
As a next step, we will be reaching out to our global network of 774 certified professionals in 65 countries to gain further insights on the program’s impact and identify any areas for improved performance.
With kind regards


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