Analytical Approach for Development of National Biosafety & Biosecurity System


Letter is from Ms. Maureen Ellis, Executive Director of the International Federation of Biosafety Associations in Ottawa, Canada.


Dear Colleagues,

We wanted to draw your attention to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Analytical Approach for the Development of a National Biosafety and Biosecurity

The Approach is a methodology that can be used by regional, national or local authorities in the development or modernization, and implementation of national policies and oversight frameworks for biosafety and biosecurity. Recognizing that each country and region has unique needs, processes and capabilities, the Analytical Approach has a modular and flexible format that enables countries and regions to work through the methodology independently and at their own pace. The tool is available for use as both a downloadable manual and an online e-learning course in English and French by creating a free account on the Agency’s training portal.

In addition, the PHAC’s training portal includes many other free courses including the newly published   Insider and Outsider Threat course. With innovation and technological advancements, information and knowledge related to biological research is increasingly being stolen and misused by those who wish to cause harm or advance their economic competitiveness.  This course describes the motives, tactics, and indicators of insider and outsider threats. It proposes mitigation strategies which aim to reduce the occurrence of biosecurity events associated with insider and outsider threats.

With kind regards,

Maureen Ellis
Executive Director
International Federation of Biosafety Associations

Analytical Approach Factsheet pp1-2
Click to download

                              Analytical Approach Factsheet P1

Analytical Approach Factsheet P2

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