Risk Assessment Template for 2019-nCoV

BRAP RESOURCES SHARING: From Annex 2 of the WHO Laboratory biosafety guidance for novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Interim Recommendations.

who-logo-english-colour-vertical.jpg?format=1500wAlthough a qualitative approach to combining likelihood and severity parameters in a risk matrix is provided as a risk evaluation method here, it is important to note that quantitative (for example, simple numerical scoring schemes to complex mathematical models) and hybrid (semi-quantitative) methods can also be used for risk evaluation. Laboratories should use a risk evaluation/assessment method that best meets their unique needs, without excluding the possibility of developing customized evaluation approaches, scoring methods and definitions of the parameters.

While this template was primarily developed for biosafety risk assessment, it can also be used for general safety risk assessment of laboratory activities, especially when the biosafety and general safety risks are interlinked, for example, sample collection and transport, where appropriate and applicable.

Risk assessment template from-laboratory-biosafety-novel-coronavirus

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