BRAP’s 4-day Virtual Laboratory Biorisk Manual Writeshop

To achieve the goal that “all laboratories should maintain a biologically safe and secure working environment,” a laboratory, while upholding that commitment, should comply with all local and international regulations and guidelines governing the correct handling of biological materials. In order to achieve that goal, there should be a laboratory biorisk manual that is tailor-made for your institution that will serve as a guiding document for laboratory staff and management.

The laboratory biorisk manual output of this workshop should provide information and guidance to protect workers and the surrounding environment from imminent exposure to biological hazardous agents handled inside the laboratory (biosafety). It should also ensure the security of valuable biological materials (biosecurity) and a process (risk management) that will address the hazards in the lab. Thus, the laboratory biorisk manual should describe the basic constituents of biosafety and biosecurity, including a biorisk management system.

This program, featuring experts from the BioRisk Association of the Philippines (BRAP), will train participants on how to write a laboratory biorisk manual that is specifically designed for each own’s institution, conforming with national policies and international standards (i.e., the new WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual and the ISO35001:2019 and the ISO standard for Biorisk Management for Laboratories).

We are thus announcing this fully-funded 4-day virtual training module “The 2021 Laboratory Biorisk Manual Writeshop.”

We will post the application form (Summary Resume) here soon and the site coordinators contact details where you shall email your documents.

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