The BRAP Biosafety Champion Award: Now accepting nominations.

As mandated by the BRAP Constitution and By-Laws specifically Article II – Objectives, Section 1, Article 16. which states “to introduce an awards program aimed at recognizing and rewarding any person, institution, or organization for outstanding biorisk management practices, which are initiated, implemented, and sustained for the efficient biosafety and biosecurity of the staff, community, and the environment”, the board has created an ad hoc committee under the Committee on Awards to fulfill the said article. Hence, the “BRAP Biosafety Champion” award.

First announcement posted January 1, 2022.

A BRAP Biosafety Champion is a remarkable and inspirational individual who has been identified by the local biosafety community for making a difference. A BRAP Biosafety Champion should be a role model for others, emphasizing that each individual matters and can contribute to the fight against infectious diseases.

How are they nominated?

  1. Anyone may make a nomination.
  2. Nominees are picked based on their uniqueness, the specific achievements he or she has accomplished that are truly exceptional, and the impact their work has had on others.
  3. People who are given precedence are those who work in an environment where biosafety funds are limited and/or the importance of biosafety is not fully understood, and those who have not yet gained any other biosafety recognition.
  4. Nominations are accepted for individuals at all stages of their careers.
Click to DOWNLOAD nomination form.

How are the nominees evaluated?

  1. BRAP Biosafety Champion nomination forms must be completed and emailed to the BioRisk Association of the Philippines 2015, Inc.:
  2. The nomination period begins on February 1, 2022, and the submission deadline is on June 30, 2022.
  3. Nominations can be made at any time. The look-back period for a nominee is a minimum of three (3) years until the time of submission.
  4. A evaluating and selecting committee chooses the winner/s based on the criteria aforementioned.

The BRAP Biosafety Champion Ad Hoc Committee (under the BRAP Committee on Awards).

Ad Hoc committee of the BRAP Awards Committee

Overall Chair: Dr. Socorro P. Lupisan
Honorary Chair: Dr. Miguel Martin N. Moreno II

To be announced in due time.

February 4, 2022

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