BRAP President is voted member of IFBA Certification Body

In accordance with the IFBA’s legal registration documents and Bylaws, the IFBA’s Board of Directors has solidified certification as a key activity for the parent organization. The Board has created the Certification Body (CB) as an administratively independent program within the IFBA parent organization and delegates authority for certification decisions to the CB. The CB has direct responsibility for establishing and implementing policy which includes defining the procedures for granting, maintaining, renewing, expanding and reducing the scope of the desired certification, and suspending or withdrawing the certification. While the CB delegates several activities and functions to committees and the IFBA Secretariat, it does so while maintaining delegated authority over certification decisions.

Mission Statement – The mission of the Certification Body is to provide excellence in certification of technical competencies for biorisk management professionals worldwide.

Official documents on the IFBA Certification Charter Body and announcement of its duly elected members.
On top of the list on page 3 is Dr. Moreno. (highlighted for easy viewing).
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