BRAP 2023 Webinar Series No. 2

BRAP is inviting you to join our Webinar Series No. 2: Biorisk Management: Addressing the Global Biosafety and Biosecurity Concerns on March 18, 2023, via Zoom.

Course description:

This webinar will address global biosafety and biosecurity concerns in the Asia Pacific region. The increased global demand for better disease detection and control has resulted in an increase in diagnostic and research capacity. However, increases in infectious disease detection capacity have not always been accompanied by increases in biosafety and biosecurity capacity, particularly in low-resource countries. Numerous challenges impede the development or expansion of sustainable capacity in biosafety and biosecurity management in low-resource countries.

To meet these challenges, representatives from the local government, the international biosafety community (e.g., international, regional, and national biosafety associations), and international development partners must collaborate to identify, fund, and implement solutions for long-term capacity development. Collaborative effort is required to develop solutions that are appropriate for the specific needs and available resources in any given country.

To register to the webinar, click here.

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