BRAP 2023 Webinar Series No. 3

BRAP is inviting you to join our Webinar Series No. 3: Safety in the Lab: Clinical Chemistry on May 5, 2023, 5–9 PM, via Zoom.

Course description:

Clinical Chemistry is a basic science that utilizes the specialty of chemistry to study human beings in various stages of health and disease. It is an applied science when analyses are performed on body fluids or tissue samples to provide vital information for the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. Samples such as blood, urine, and other body fluids are utilized to determine organ function and related disorders. In this regard, proper handling of biosamples, adherence to standard practices, and use of safety equipment are central to ensuring infection control and safety in the workplace and the community we serve.

To register to the webinar, click here.

BRAP members get to register at a discounted rate! Not yet a BRAP member? Click here to become a member.

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