September 2, 2015: Happy 2nd Founding Anniversary BRAP


Today, September 2 marks the 2nd Founding Anniversary of the BioRisk Association of the Philippines, Inc.! 

Beyond its infancy, BRAP has been engaged in disseminating significant information regarding biosafety and biosecurity, conducting seminars and workshops intended for laboratory workforce, developing innovative modules that are relevant and understandable, and getting involved in international and local events that are timely and helpful in the field of biosafety and biosecurity.


More importantly, the last 2 years have had representatives of all people associated with biosafety and biosecurity: laboratory workers, medical personnel, human resource and the government. To recapitulate, we have chronologically listed and present somehow graphically all the functions BRAP has had thus far, and what to look forward to in the coming years. (Ariel Angelo B. Aquino)



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