2-day Biorisk Management technical training module

The workshop will begin with knowing and understanding the CWA 15793. This lecture proper on Biological Risk Management (BRM) is designed to offer a common understanding of the foundation and terminology of BRM and management systems. It aims to lead participants towards next steps for becoming more conversant and competent in BRM, regardless of the role they hold, that is applying the CWA 15793 to the identification, assessment, implementation, mitigation and monitoring of biological risks in a laboratory.

Full Design Document and 2-day program available upon request. Takers will please email us at bioriskassociationphilippines@gmail.com.

Module is patterned from the Global Biorisk Management Curriculum (GBRMC) of Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico which was funded by the US DOS Biosecurity Engagement Program.

Target audience: Laboratorians of the One Health concept.

Module developer and presenter: Dr. Miguel Martin N. Moreno II (BRAP President)
Module editor: Mr. Ariel Angelo B. Aquino (BRAP Asst. Secretary)
Permission to use PAMET logo granted by Mr. Ronaldo Puno (PAMET Nat. President)

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  1. Meiza Inducal says:

    This is a great training module


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