3rd BRAP Annual Convention

The 3rd BRAP Annual Convention Registration Process

Registration is just as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Scan the QR code or download the fillable registration form.
2. Fill out downloaded registration form and Save As the document.
3. Pick sessions to attend.
4. Pay at any BDO your corresponding chosen fees.
5. Email scanned form and the deposit slip with your name, PRC ID number and contact number written on it at brap3conv@gmail.com.
6. Wait for the BRAP Secretariat’s confirmation.

To download the registration form, click on the photos below:

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1 Response to 3rd BRAP Annual Convention

  1. Dorina D. Sabatin says:

    May i request for the lect of Dr Moreno on Lab Biosafety manual workshop, thanks


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