Biosecurity Self-Scan Toolkit

Biosecurity 1The toolkit is in the form of a questionnaire covering the eight pillars of biosecurity that is designed to give you an indication of the current level of biosecurity in your organization.

You can start the toolkit at the first pillar, ‘Awareness’ and then work your way through all the pillars, or you can start at a pillar of your choice and answer the questions on that particular subject first. If a question does not apply to your organization, it will not be counted in the results.

You can view the interim results at any time, but bear in mind that the more questions you have answered, the more accurate a picture you will get of the current state of affairs in your organization and what still needs to be done. On the results page you can click on each pillar to access specific tips and good practices (implementation examples) which may help you to improve biosecurity in your organization. The results can be printed out for discussion purposes.

See how your institution fairs in biosecurity issues.
Check out your 8 pillars.

Check and try it out here.

This self-scan biosecurity toolkit was developed in collaboration with the multidisciplinary biosecurity expert group under the supervision of the interdepartmental advisory committee biosecurity. Development was funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Security and Justice.


The correspondence details are:
RIVM / Bureau Biosecurity
P.O. Box 1
3720 BA Bilthoven
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 2743120

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